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Search... Home research letters & videos from our patients staff location articles free online consultation $200 off coupon tell dr. information sur le viagra Morris about your spine problem and get an answer today! Disc herniation bulges & degeneration... In february 2003 when i developed (what an mri two weeks later would show to be) a large extruded disc. viagra online kaufen The pain was initially excruciating. When it stopped being excruciating, my left leg became completely numb. Where can you buy viagra in uk My left knee reflex was almost non-existent. Physically, i was at a stand-still. viagra online I was use to power-walking 4 miles a day and to moving quickly. generic viagra online I was frightened and looked to orthopedic specialists for answers. buy cheap viagra Three doctors marveled at the size of my disc extrusion... viagra print coupon I wasn't a good surgery candidate... Price comparison of viagra Not one of them knew what to do with me. Two and a half weeks after the injury, a friend of a friend called and literally insisted that i see dr. viagra print coupon Morris. viagra for sale He was convinced that this doctor could help me avoid surgery and recover. My initial exam with dr. Morris lasted longer than all three of my previous doctor visits combined. After 30 days of treatment, the numbness had disappeared. My knee reflex had returned. Better yet, i'd learned how to move, what not to do, effective biomechanics, etc. Most importantly, as dr. Morris' patient, i have been priviledged to experience a level of care that pays attention to my fears, answers my questions and is 100% present and focused on my condition... viagra without a doctor prescription I recommend dr. Morris without reservation. "   -- sherri d. buy viagra online Cannon; executive coach, the cannon group, inc. , rancho palos verdes, ca click letters and videos from our patients to learn from those who suffered with and know most about these conditions. They offer understanding and good advice. viagra common questions What's a disc herniation? The disc is a specialized tissue that acts as a shock absorber for the spine and a "spacer" that allows the spinal nerves enough room to exit without being "pinched. " the disc can herniate or bulge and pinch the spinal nerves and sometimes the spinal cord. cheap viagra online The pain can be severe and shoot down either the arms or legs. buy viagra without a rx It often coexists with numbness or muscle weakness. This is an mri of a large disc herniation viewed from the side. Is viagra prescription in canada Normally the disc stays within the boundries of the vertebrae above and below it. generic viagra online When the supporting fibers of the disc are weakened, the disc herniates into the neural canal (the vertical white tube) and can compress pain sensitive nerves.     this is the cross section of a normal disc. Notice how the disc is not bulging into the spinal canal (appears as a white circle below the disc). buy viagra online   this is the cr. viagra 5 mg price comparison can you buy viagra over the counter in australia effects viagra young men does viagra effects women is viagra used for female use