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T risk. Therefore, this series describes the prevalence of salivary tumours, in a hospital-based sample and characterizes them according to age, sex and anatomic location. viagra online Materials and methods data was collected from the surgical pathology files of the histopathology section of pathology department of the aga khan university medical centre. cheap viagra The study included all cases of salivary tumours diagnosed during the eight-year period, 1991 to 1998. Viagra revenue 2011 Cases were then characterized according to their histological subtypes, age, sex and anatomic location of the tumours. The histological evaluation of these lesion was performed on hematoxylin and eosin stained sections of paraffin embedded tissue. Special stains like periodic acid schiff (pas) with and without diastase, pas with alcian blue reticulin were done wherever indicated. The immun oh istochem ical evaluation, if required, was performed using peroxidase anti-peroxidase (pap) technique. buy generic viagra The monoclonal antibodies used include cytokeratins, vimentin, leukocyte common antigen (lca), pan-b (l-26, cd 20), pan t (uchl 1), s-l00 protein and alpha smooth muscle antigen (asma) depending upon the nature of lesion. how to buy generic viagra The diagnosis of individual tumours was based on the 1991 world health organization classification. Patients with more than one specimen from the same lesion were counted once. Results during the eight-year period, 1991-1998, 379 cases of salivary tumours were diagnosed at the histopathology section of pathology department. Of these, 205 (54. 09%) were male and 174 (45. 9 1%) were female, giving a male to female ratio of 1. 2:1. There were more men (65. 7%) than women (34. 3%) affected by malignant tumours, but benign tumours were equally distributed between the two sexes. viagra online Table 1 describes the relative distribution of various histological subtypes of salivary tumours. Of these, 73. laboratorio bayer viagra 09% were classified as benign and 26. cheap generic viagra 9 1% as malignant. buy generic viagra Pleomorphic adenoma was the most frequently diagnosed benign salivary neoplasm (6 1. generic viagra price uk 74% of all cases and 84. Viagra 4 women 5% of benign tumours), followed by warthin’s tumours (4. 49% of all tumours and 6. cheap viagra online 14% of benign lesions). buy viagra online Mucoepidermoid carcinoma was the most commonly encountered malignant tumour, accounting for 15. buy viagra online cheap 3% of all. online viagra price comparison Tumours and 56. viagra side effects urdu 9% of malignant lesions. Adenoid cystic carcinoma was the second most common type, making up 5. Is viagra prescription in canada 28% of all tumours and 19. laboratorio bayer viagra 6% of all malignant tumours. Many other categories were also represented in relatively smaller numbers. viagra email sent from my yahoo account Table 2 summarises the distribution of salivary tumours in v. viagra 5 mg price comparison can you buy viagra over the counter in australia effects viagra young men does viagra effects women is viagra used for female use