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Outlook (prognosis) possible complications when to contact a medical professional prevention references alternative names     acute rheumatic fever definition     return to top rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that may develop after an infection with streptococcus bacteria (such as strep throat or scarlet fever). viagra for womens The disease can affect the heart, joints, skin, and brain. viagra no prescription Causes     return to top rheumatic fever is common worldwide and is responsible for many cases of damaged heart valves. It is not common in the u. when will generic viagra be available in the united states S. , and usually occurs in isolated outbreaks. cialis and viagra generic The latest outbreak was in the 1980s. viagra online without prescription Rheumatic fever mainly affects children ages 6 -15, and occurs approximately 20 days after strep throat or scarlet fever. Symptoms     return to top abdominal pain fever heart (cardiac) problems, which may not have symptoms, or may result in shortness of breath and chest pain joint pain, arthritis (mainly in the knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists) joint swelling; redness or warmth nosebleeds (epistaxis) skin nodules skin rash (erythema marginatum) skin eruption on the trunk and upper part of the arms or legs eruptions that look ring-shaped or snake-like sydenham chorea (emotional instability, muscle weakness and quick, uncoordinated jerky movements that mainly affect the face, feet, and hands) exams and tests     return to top because this disease has different forms, no one test can firmly diagnose it. ordering viagra from canada Your doctor will perform a careful exam, which includes checking your heart sounds, skin, and joints. how much does viagra cost on a private prescription Tests may include: blood test for recurrent strep infection (such as an aso test) complete blood count electrocardiogram sedimentation rate (esr) several major and minor criteria have been developed to help standardize rheumatic fever diagnosis. viagra canada online Meeting these criteria, as well as having evidence of a recent streptococcal infection, can help confirm that you have rheumatic fever. viagra viagra zusammen nehmen The major criteria for diagnosis include: arthritis in several joints (polyarthritis) heart inflammation (carditis) nodules under the skin (subcutaneous skin nodules) rapid, jerky movements (chorea, sydenham chorea) skin. viagra canada side effects of viagra 100mg